The Center of Excellence for Drug Research and Pharmaceutical Industries was established by His Excellency the President of the University No. 4990 / s on 25/4/1441. It is made up of six primary units that work together to initiate and coordinate the efforts of all of the center's units by conducting scientific research and developmental studies in order to find or create new pharmaceuticals and subsequently produce them.

Speech of the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Hani Bin Zakaria Asfour

The College of Pharmacy at King Abdulaziz University is keen to advance in its field and put it in the names of the world of pharmacy in all his specialties, so that the student can complete his studies at the College of Pharmacy. During this period, many great achievements were made, praise be to God, in various fields, including interest in scientific research, encouraging specialists and students of knowledge in research, and changing the concept of academic education. Therefore, the Pharmaceutical Department was distinguished by contributing to the inauguration and establishment of the Saudi Scientific Society for Pharmaceutical Industries and the establishment of the Research Excellence Center for Drug Research. With the plan and the pharmaceutical industries and the establishment of the Mohammed Saeed Tamr Chair for Pharmaceutical Industries in line with the strategy of King Abdulaziz University, which in turn achieves the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and effective assistance in the localization of the pharmaceutical industries in the Kingdom and the development of this important sector to benefit from the human wealth that receives in our beloved kingdom the finest and best types of education and employ it with owners and internationally And benefit from the specialized national minds and link them to various institutions locally and experiences to serve this generous country

Speech of the Director of the Center, Dr. Nabil bin Abdul Hafeez Al-Hakami

We warmly welcome you to the King Abdulaziz University Faculty of Pharmacy's Research Center of Excellence for Drug Research and Pharmaceutical Industry. The center was established to meet the Saudi market's need for pharmaceutical industry development and localization, which aids manufacturers in developing pharmaceutical products, as well as conducting research for faculty members and students, and the scientific and technical participation of researchers and specialists in the field of science and professionalism. We want this center to be a national platform for research and development, drug innovation, and pharmaceutical industries, with international specifications, accessible to all research, educational, and industrial bodies both inside and outside the Kingdom, with the goal of converting a large portion of the researchers' findings into feasible national outputs that would be the outputs of a generation of research inn spinning the wheel of the knowledge economy and contributing to achieving the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.



A world-leading research center in drug research, development and localization of the pharmaceutical industries.



Providing research, patents, products, services, and consultancy to pharmaceutical industries in the field of developing and localizing the pharmaceutical industries.



Contribute to the Kingdom's Vision 2030 through developing and localizing the pharmaceutical industry, particularly on the axis of "a thriving economy."




Drug discovery unit

The Drug Discovery Unit focuses in the field of discovering new and innovative compounds and drugs through the use of the cutting-edge technologies and procedures for estimating chemical compounds' molecular characteristics with computer approaches to aid in the discovery process.
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Pharmacovigilance and safety unit

The Survey and Drug Safety Unit is focus on preclinical research using appropriate biological and experimental models, including isolated cells, organs, and animals.
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Drug delivery unit

The Drug Delivery Unit is in charge of developing new pharmaceutical forms, as well as formulating and optimizing them. Pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical forms, formulation of medicinal plant extracts, micro and nano particles, and numerous techniques of drug delivery into the human body are all examples of these.
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Pharmaceutical technology unit

The Pharmaceutical Technology Unit is responsible for providing consultations in various aspects of special pharmaceutical technology in the manufacture of various commercially available pharmaceutical forms and preparations, as well as in bio and physical pharmacy, bioavailability and drug kinetics.
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Industrial Relations and Media Unit

A unit specialized in developing relations between the center, government, private agencies, research centers, local and international pharmaceutical companies involved in pharmaceutical drug research.
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Training and Industrial Development Unit

The Training and Industrial Development Unit is responsible for all aspects of drug research and pharmaceutical industry training and development for the center, government agencies, and the private sector.
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